System Administration and Networking – 4 Tips to Protect it, Informatics for Technology LLC | Oman
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System Administration and Networking – 4 Tips to Protect it

Everyone realizes the fact that they should be doing better regarding System Administration and Networking, but unfortunately not everyone knows the best ways to do so.

Due to the fact that System Administration and Networking is a large field, the opinions about its solutions and best practices vary from one another.

However, there some measures used by System Administration and Networking professionals to secure their own computers and of course the computers of their companies.

It of course takes years to gain proper knowledge and experience to become a Security Systems Administrator, but we can always learn along the way from the advice of professionals.

The following are few tips that taking them into consideration can make a huge difference in your System Administration and Networking.

System Administration and Networking – 4 Tips to Protect it, Informatics for Technology LLC | Oman

Never underestimate the importance of online security

Every now and then, we read in the news about security breach in major corporations’ database that leaks customers’ personal information.

That costs these corporations a lot of money, time, and effort to fix, especially if the executive management fails to address the issue and respond in timely manners.

Digital security doesn’t just influence your data security, it also massively affects your company’s overall productivity and can even reach other business aspects such as public relations and how you’re viewed by the public.

Always keep your software up-to-date

It’s unfortunate that we always choose the later reminder of software update instead of taking a positive action of doing so right away.

We miss the fact that an update actually means that the programmers of the software development actually improved the software to face new threats and strengthen any vulnerabilities.

It might be boring to read all the release notes of the update and even going to the forums to see what people say about such update, yet it pays off in the end.

It is indeed true that performing software updates is one of the most important lessons of online and  network security, but only few realize this fact.

It is worth it because it’s simply one of the best ways to keep your System Administration and Networking as safe as possible.

Be careful with permissions

It is of high importance in Network Administration to strict permissions as much as possible.

Always minimize the permissions you give to each user as much as possible.

Adopting this mindset massively minimizes the potential of future problems, whether to others or to yourself.

Administering your network with multiple permission levels and restricting access accordingly makes you in control and gives you the upper hand over many threats.

Perform backup as if your life depends on it

The current advancement is hacks make it very possible to lose everything you once had of data and important files. Some hacks can every hold your hard drive as a hostage.

Even if that doesn’t happen, there is always the possibility of natural disasters that can ruin your servers.

So why make yourself subject to all of those circumstances when you can avoid it all?!

Always perform two kinds of backups for your important files, cloudly and tangibly.

Perform and online backup on a secure cloud and, in addition, store a copy of those important files in a geographically different place away from your hard drive.

Always be ready, update your software, restrict accesses, and backup your data. All of these seemingly simple tips can actually save you and your company millions of dollars in some cases.

Everything has a prices, and the price you pay in advance of effort to keep your System Administration and Networking safe is much cheaper that a later one that can cost you more than just money.