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Application Development Services & Software Development: How to Know You’re on the Right Track

Application Development Services:In a world filled with multiple sources

and providers of everything related to application development services and software development

it has become essential that you as a business owner make sure that you are getting the real deal.

This, however, can’t be done without the adequate knowledge about what process an application development

and software development take to actually serve the purpose they are made for.
In the following we discuss to steps which software development needs to go through

in order to achieve the highest results possible

and you as a business owner know you’re on the right track.

Application Development Services Life Cycle

The life cycle of any application development has to go essentially through the following steps

 1- Identification of Needs

The first step is the identification of needs of the software development.

Any considerable application development services provider would consider identifying the actual needs above all else.

This is a very logical step to initiate the software development with.

The identification of needs can come from multiple sources such as market research

which is exceedingly crucial for accuracy.

Another source can be surveying existing customers for insight

and/or communicating with prospects to determine optimum needs.

The application development services provider can also use the help of existing software development staff

as their insight is spot-on and should definitely be taken into consideration.

2- Development Planning

The second step an application development services provider should take is planning.

The importance of planning in software development is indescribable.

It is a fact that customers mostly only have what they want in mind as an end-result more than steps or process.

That only makes sense, as naturally customers focus on what they want regardless of how it’s done.


a professional application development provider should be able to translate those

end-result desires into a planned software development process to transition from ambiguity to clarity.

3- Software Design

The third step of the software development life cycle is the actual system design.

A skilled application development services company should be able at this point

to design the main module of how everything fits together.

The aspects of that include the programming language the developers will use

which is exceedingly crucial to agree upon beforehand.

Another aspect is the operation systems to work on for the software development to be on same page generally. Moreover, it is also of high importance to agree upon the hardware components

to make sure that when conducting prototyping nothing goes astray from what is desired as an end-result.

4- Implementation, Testing, and Documentation

The fourth step in the software development process can be described as a mixture of implementation

testing, and documentation.

The implementation phase is where the magic happens!

It is the actual writing of code for the software development where the core of hard work is in place.
Then comes the testing phase, which -for those who are familiar- is a very crucially integral phase of the software development process.

In this phase, the application development services provider ensures that any bugs, defects

or errors are recognized and fixed as early as possible to avoid any hassles or hardships in the implementation phase in the future.

In other words, while attempting to implement by writing code, the testing phase takes place before the final confident assured implementation.
Almost simultaneously with these two phases comes the documentation step.

The importance of documentation is beyond imagination! The documentation of the software development helps to work as a reference for future maintenance needs and enhancement.

Even though this step is very important, yet the software development team decides the volume of documentation needed, if any at all, as the requirements and needs for documentation vary from project to another.

5- Deployment and Maintenance

The last phase in the software development cycle is deployment and maintenance.

The deployment phase takes place directly after conducting proper testing and receiving approval for release.

This step can involve installation of the software and customization of it.
Even though the step of deployment comes after considerable testing, planning, and documentation, yet it has to be followed up by maintenance.

Maintenance plays a vital role in the software development cycle for any application software provider that wants to maintain success on the long term.

The importance of maintenance lies within the necessity to enhance the software to cope with any discovered faults that may appear and to abide by any new requirements that may be of a considerable need.

Software development may seem like a hectic job especially from an application development services

perspective and of course from a business owner perspective as a client who is stressed out and follows up all the time.

It indeed takes a lot of time, sweat, and effort, yet when the process is applied properly

the end-result is rewarding to the point where success makes one forgets about all the hardships that occurred and focus on even more prosperity and growth.


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