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Augmented Reality and Its Applications

Dreaming and imagination are two of the most operations we do as humans. Whether it’s day or night, we start imagining ourselves and our surroundings to be in a specific scenario and live our dreams.

In today’s world, if you’re preparing your new apartment, you will imagine putting items and accessories to fill all the empty spaces. You also want to make it warm and matched with each other without any kind of an unbalance.

Imagining all scenarios and taking all of the scenarios into consideration is a very hard process for us to do. What if there’s something that can help us bring all those scenarios to real life?

This is what Augmented Reality does exactly.

What’s Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality is one of the most trending technologies that let you see the world with a different eye. With the help of smartphone cameras, AR can capture the real world and then put digital augmentation objects overlaid on it.

If we return back to our example of preparing a new apartment, the AR will help you visualize what the apartment will look like with different objects. You will not need to spend much time imagining things as it will bring them into life with only a single touch.

Applications of AR

As in AR, the line between reality and imagination does not exist, the number of applications used is enormous. As more businesses want to spread their products, they can take advantage of AR to visualize their customer experience in their apps. And here’s top fields using AR:

1- Gaming

Recently, The AR has enhanced the world of gaming. Maybe the most famous game you heard about using AR is Pokemon Go. 

In this game, players locate and capture Pokemon characters that pop up in the real world. Those characters can appear in any place whether it’s a garden, hotels, or even bathrooms. 

2- Shopping

If we look at AR with a business view, we can see a huge opportunity. By taking advantage of AR, businesses can increase their sales through giving their customers a visualization of their products.

The simplest situation is when your customer visits your store through a browser or mobile application and takes a look at your products. If he/ she want to buy a one, they can see what it will look like in their desk, roof, or floor.

Giving them the ability to choose the right size for the product with a suitable color will help a lot, which will return back to the business with great sales.

One of the apps that apply this concept is IKEA Place.

3- Haircuts and Makeup

With AR technology you can see yourself with a customized haircuts and choose the best for you. And when we talk about the makeup world, there are tremendous choices.

Choosing the right items with the right color is a very challenging process for women. It may take hours of thinking and testing each color. But in a world full of technology, this will take much less time than before. As with AR, your life will be much easier. 

One the makeup apps that uses AR technology is YouCam Makeup.


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