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Data Science Applications In Healthcare

As technology gets smarter, the complex processes become possible and easy. And one of the most complex professions is the healthcare field. As we live in such a pandemic, we need every possible help to overcome it.

And these are some applications of Data science in healthcare sector:

1- Medical Imaging

An example is when you have a problem with your lungs and go to the doctor, the doctor may tell you to do X-Ray on your lungs so that he/ she can suggest a proper diagnosis. The medical imaging techniques may be X-Ray, MRI, or CT scan. All of them have a specific form and technology to be done.

In some cases, the doctor can’t detect microscopic deformities. In such cases, with the help of deep learning and data science, finding those deformities becomes easy. 

To find defects in the scanned images, some technologies are used like image recognition, image enhancement and restoration, and edge detection.

2- New Drug Discovery

How many pharmacies are around you? Do you know how much drugs they have?

Bringing a new drug to the market is considered as a very big challenge due to the number of steps it takes, scientists want a faster way to get the approval of the administration to be spread and cure patients. 

Big Data and Data science can help in such a process. They can simulate the reaction of the drug with body components like proteins, cells, and so on. Applying this methodology can save a lot of money as well as gaining Food and Drug Administration approval fastly.

3- Disease Prevention

A famous quote said “prevention is better than cure”

In today’s world, everyone is trying to prevent themselves from being defected. And in such a thing, technology does its best to enhance this prevention.

As technology becomes better, something like prevention can be done through wearables and tracking systems which are designed to track your heart rate, blood pressure, etc. Those tracking systems use data science to drive historical patterns and genetic information in order to recognize the problem before getting out of hand.

4- Virtual Assistant

As a lot of people can’t go to the doctor due to their illness, they become very sad and their illness might increase. That’s why data scientists have developed a virtual assistant to help patients.

This virtual assistant can get the symptoms as an input from the patient and provide a number of possibilities of the disease he/ she has along with their confidence levels.

A famous virtual assistant you may know is Ada. This assistant is based in Berlin, Germany which can predict a disease according to the symptoms. Another example is Woe bot. It’s a chatbot developed at Stanford University that can suggest therapy treatments to those who suffer from depression.

5- Post-Care Monitoring

As a doctor, after any surgery or treatment to my patient, there’s a probability that this patient may suffer from recurring pain. If the patient goes home, It becomes difficult to examine him/ her. From a patient prospective, staying at the hospital for more time is very costly.

With these two views in our mind, the remote monitoring helps both doctors and patients to stay in touch with each other in case there are any symptoms after leaving the hospital.

From Technology perspective, Intel designed Cloudera software with the help of data science to predict if the patient will come back to the hospital in the next 30 days.


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