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How Big Companies Use Data Science

As companies grow up, the need for data increases as well. In today’s market, a lot of big companies start to have a lot of data that needs to be managed, analyzed, and best used to provide insights. 

That’s why Data Science becomes an essential part of any big company. And here are some examples of big companies along with how they take advantage of data science in their business:

1- Facebook

With 2.7 billion users, Facebook becomes the biggest social network worldwide. Imagine how much data Facebook knows about its huge amount of users. Well, in a company that big, they use data in order to improve their social network as well as advertising.

As a lot of us see an ad or two while scrolling in the timeline, Facebook uses its data science along with machine learning algorithms in order to get the best ad in front of you. As they use advanced techniques applied on their data to understand their users’ behaviours. Then they cluster the users in categories along with their preferences so that Facebook can provide them with best suitable ads.

Using data science and deep learning can help Facebook in facial recognition as they use powerful neural networks to recognize faces in  photographs.

2- Amazon

In a company like Amazon, fraud detection is a very critical process that must be done carefully. Well, Amazon is not kidding when it comes to the security as it’s trying its best to create a safe environment for the customers.

In fraud detection, Amazon has used its data science algorithms to detect any fraud sellers as well as the fraudulent purchases.

Amazon also uses data science to analyze historical data of their users in order to recommend them similar products. It also analyzes the purchase patterns of its customers to send products to the nearest warehouse to be utilized in the future.

3- Uber

One of the best applications for data science is Uber. As you know, Uber is such an application that you can use to book a cab with at any time. And unlike other similar applications, Uber charges you based on the calculated time to reach your destination, not based on the distance you drive.

In such a process, Uber uses data science along with various algorithms in order to calculate the time according to some factors like the traffic density and weather conditions.

Another part is when there is a shortage of cabs and the prices go up, Uber used data science to calculate the surge pricing in this situation.

4- Google

As Google processes 20 petabytes of data every day, there must be a good way to provide the best results to searchers. That’s why Google and other search engines use data science algorithms as a part of their search process in order to deliver the most relevant results in a fraction of a second.

5- Acer

Acer is one of the companies that helps large businesses extract value from their data. Acer does that through providing data science solutions like Acer’s predictive analytics platform and forecasting models.


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