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Retail businesses were sufficiently convoluted  before when they must  handle physical stores with no other choice. By  the expansion of online retailers along with the need to  fulfill each inquiry according to the  wish of the customers/consumers, retail businesses found themselves in dark era.

 The best strategy to be expert in this trade is to have effective supply and dissemination systems that can expect the inclinations of the customer and can oversee anytime-anywhere conveniently. Informatics Tec made a difference for retailers to keep them up-to dated and expand their businesses along with  this expeditious world (eCommerce industry).

Benefits to bank on

Informatics clients are now capable to enhance end-user productivity level without sacrificing their operations

  • Global Delivery

    Some  eCommerce industries have global delivery network systems and tends to optimize delivery process, services to capture the attention of their best customers. Informatics provides programmed delivery process structure using common methodologies combined with modern technologies for their clients to deliver the smooth services.

  • Customer- Fundamental Solutions

    The eCommerce analytical solutions (customization based on client’s requirements) that influences client’s existing investments and encourages them for more involvements. Infromatics have a geared up in helping global clients and maintaining their customer needs whilst at the same time accomplishing excellency.

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To Reconstruct your Technology, focus on Three (3) Key Points

  • eCommerce, Informatics for Technology LLC | Oman

    Data transformation

    Making the cycle of “Data to insight to Action” fast, through consuming offerings like Data as a Service and Reporting as a Service.

  • eCommerce, Informatics for Technology LLC | Oman

    Digital Capability

    Gain key business outcomes; by means of full services Digital Stack-Mosaic, Digital Jedi and Human Centered Design Practice.

  • eCommerce, Informatics for Technology LLC | Oman

    Innovation Association

    Choose mutual access to innovation, by influencing Innovation Labs, Future Economical ecosystems, associations; partners.


Our Ecommerce Industry Expertise

Marketers and Retail businesses  got to react with real-time Price estimations and optimized promotions across the numerous channels which Influences the control of analytics within the retail industry and guarantees optimized expenditures, boost up sales, expansion in profit and higher rates of return on investment.


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