Professional IT services for the Government sector

Introducing a vigorous risk free conformity framework for Government  sectors (Government entity) which is ultimately important to identify  and eliminate frauds, operational Failures and data hacking. Informatics offers the perfect Governance Risk solutions which enables our Government sector clients to control and alleviate divergent risks whilst diagnosing  other risks factors at the same time.

Informatics has an array of IT solutions which are associated with advanced technologies and insights like errors detection,  risk monitoring, and cyber attacks security.

Benefits to bank on

Our IT Solutions & Services Enables Government Sectors To Increase End-user Productivity

  • Performance Control

    It is vital for information accumulation to measure workflow and management structure by analyzing and gathering insights reports.

  • Data Safety

    Public and government data protection and safety can be assured by proper surveillance and cyber security measurements within their organizations.

  • Smart Technology

    Technologies are being replaced by smart technologies to enhance user experience, stimulating the quality of life and economical sustainability.

  • Taxes and Welfare

    Expansion in revenue collection can be achieved by improving the amount and speed of collection & recovery. It helps to ensure that the benefits goes to the right people in right time as it is important factor in analytics reports.


To Reconstruct your Technology, focus on Three (3) Key Points

  • Government, Informatics for Technology LLC | Oman

    Data transformation

    Making the cycle of “Data to insight to Action” fast, through consuming offerings like Data as a Service and Reporting as a Service.

  • Government, Informatics for Technology LLC | Oman

    Digital Capability

    Gain key business outcomes; by means of full services Digital Stack-Mosaic, Digital Jedi and Human Centered Design Practice.

  • Government, Informatics for Technology LLC | Oman

    Innovation Association

    Choose mutual access to innovation, by influencing Innovation Labs, Future Economical ecosystems, associations; partners.


Our government sector expertise

Seamless software development Services and IT Solutions for Public & Government sector in the Sultanate of Oman. Informatics provides local and central government software solutions, and we have developed eConsultation systems, office automation systems, enterprise integration among government entities, payment integration, BPR and other applications.


Public government sectors served


Private government sectors served
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