Client: CleopatraWeb

Industry: Electronics Company

Services: Enterprise eCommerce Website Development


CleopatraWeb as a leading Electronics Company is being operated from 30+ years in Oman. They were seeking to have online presence by developing an eCommerce Website store. They asked for many specific requirements especially for affiliate marketing, Products, user data management and user experience UI/UX.
One of the main challenges was to successfully migrate all of their current customer’s data from ERP to the web store and Enterprise Recourse Planning (ERP) integration with the eCommerce Website store. In addition, company was facing difficulties with their legacy website in managing of their business manually.


Inforamtics offered a comprehensive web store with all required features and developed an affiliate module with automated ordering & payment method which allows the customers to manage their own subscriptions from their account.


Refresh of the Cleopatra website, creating a novel online presence.
Launched a new mobile theme along with a new set of products and landing pages
Cut down server costs by 50%
Increased online status by 300% after one year from launched.