Client: Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Industry: Government

Services: Enterprise Portal Development


The Invest Easy (One Stop Shop) portal is one of the main government entity projects with a clear goal to transform the way businesses are operated. OSS aims to improve Omani’s business climate by spearheading the first actual local e-government initiative.
One Stop Shop required lots of changes and modifications in order to cope with business roles in the period.
The challenge was to do enhancements and changes as per requested by business people in an efficient and faster way.


Inforamtics combined its unique experience in ministry of commerce and Industry for more than 10 years and its ability to utilize data-driven technology, in order to provide world class services by its expertise.


The total number of business registered in Oman has increased constantly since first stages of OSS in 2007.
The actual in-house development of the Invest Easy services and enhancements started in the end of July 2016.
Launches of new services and enhanced some of the existing services.