Enterprise Integration


Re-shaping your Enterprise Integration Architecture

To accelerate your market strategy and increase time efficacy, a Connected Business relies on accessible and integrated business capabilities. The Informatics Tec Integration Platform reshapes your enterprise integration architecture and creates an integration environment where project teams can easily and rapidly connect, re-use, and compose data, APIs, legacy mainframe assets, and services into effective business solutions.

Enterprise Integration

Integration Architecture Components

  • router-1807_67aa302b-3a94-46a7-aa3d-66b8928a87d7

    Enterprise Service Bus

    Transform your business message with content routing and protocol mediation that loosely couples service consumer from service provider. An ESB adapts protocols with any IT asset by implementing Enterprise Integration Patterns and Message Exchange.

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    API Management

    Re-use resources accessibility and development community expansion is critical to any industry. API Management components enforce service level tiers, and provide developer self-service, with API branding, toward facilitate integration governance best practices.

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    Governance Registry

    Factors plays hard role here, Store development-time and run-time policies, Also good registry can help track dependencies, facilitate lifecycle management, encourage teams to collaborate, and guide the development process.

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    Data Services Server

    Servers intend to provide a lightweight, friendly, agile development approach to secure and manage integration across federated data storages, performing data transformation, enforcing data validation, creating composite data views, and exposing data as some services.

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    Message Broker

    Exchanges communications to publishes messages in specific timely access by many customers.


Our services provide a unique range of benefits

  • Adapt & Evolve

    The adoption of the IT cloud has dramatically reduced the barriers to entry for both local and global markets, as access to IT capacity networks is now inexpensive and massively scalable.

  • User Approach

    The global adoption of mobile broadband which will be personalized for each individual user, The broadband is combined with social media and ubiquitous messaging that has redefined customer, reach, engagement, distribution and customer service.

  • High Integration

    The integration of any endpoints connected with highly scalable compute resources promises to streamline a multi ways of industrial and consumer processes.

  • Growth Oriented

    Your business Capital, particularly in developing markets, is readily available as investors reward innovation and growth.

  • High Sustainability

    Globalization requires companies to innovate new products to achieve goals, also to become low-cost operators to sustain market position.