Android Mobile App Development


Agile Android App Development

Developing mobile applications for golem platform can provide you with access to an oversized and increasing market in an exceedingly wide range of devices. Read on to be told however Orient package experience with golem and Java can work for your profit.

Android Mobile App Development - informatics
Android Mobile App Development - informatics

A complete suite of services to help you develop and publish Android apps:

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    Specialized Android Developers

    Experienced app developers that focus on Android development specifically are designated to work on your project.

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    All Code In-House

    All Android app development services are completed in-house at our Oman offices. Not a single line of code is outsourced.

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    Custom Agile Process

    All development is completed employing a custom agile method that minimizes risk, maximizes rate, and promotes transparency.

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    End-to-End Service

    Our Android development services embars consulting and product strategy, UX/UI design, development, testing and technical delivery.

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    Google Play Deployment

    We handle the app submission to the Google Play store, together with app listing and descriptions, icons, quality gathering and additional.

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    Maintenance & Support

    We offer enticing maintenance and support packages on high of our automaton development services that assist you stick with it high of software package updates and app upgrades.


Do more with an engaging and enriching android application

  • Technology

    Our Android development team works extensively with technologies such as , Android SDK, Corona, PhoneGap, XML, CSS, Javascript and HTML5.

  • Clients

    Our android solutions empower shoppers with climbable, secure and innovative golem application designed to alter organizations to boost potency and profitableness.

  • Experience

    We have worked with leading enterprises like PWC, CBN etc and helped deliver customised, enterprise applications that facilitate organizations meet business objectives.

  • Services

    Our expert team can help deliver customized, secure and robust native mobile applications including e-commerce, augmented reality and integration applications.