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Top 5 AI Applications in Social Media

Artificial Intelligence has been an essential part in a lot of applications for years. One of these applications is used by social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc. Each one of them is applying the AI somehow in its system in order to improve its capabilities.

This is a list of these social media platforms top applications applied using AI:

1- Image recognition

Have you ever seen a post on Facebook with a blurred image and some declaimer that this photo may show violent or graphic content? Do you know how Facebook knows that? 

Well, Facebook like other social media platforms uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) to detect these photos as well as any content that may contain nudity, terrorism, hate speech, spam, fake news, and suicide.

The answer for the how part is the Facebook capabilities for image recognition powered by AI have improved a lot in the last years. They can detect any image and classify the content of it without any human interaction.

2- Advertising

With the power of AI, social media platforms like Facebook will be able to optimize their pay-per-click advertisements. This helps a lot in finding and optimizing campaigns to get the best of it. And if we talk on a larger scale in digital marketing, Google Ads also optimize the running campaigns.

The thing is that all digital performance wants to be a good place for advertisers to place their ads on. So, they are trying very hard to use AI to enhance and improve this part. 

3- Optimizing Conversion Rates

Technically speaking, if you’re using Google Analytics to get your website analysis, then you know that there’s a lot of data available for you to analyse. You also can not keep track of all your data to take the best of it.

With the help of AI, it will be possible to  analyze thousands of data points like the visitor location, device, and demographics to suggest better content for those visitors. It can also help improve the buyer’s funnel and check if there’s any break-points the customer may feel in this funnel and suggest ways to improve them.

4- Content Curation

Social media platforms are struggling in displaying relevant and engaging content to the right target audience. That makes their users keep using them, and sometimes their audience reach a point where they’re addicted to them.

AI can make a great improvement on this stage by collecting the data of your target audience along with their choices, what they do, questions they have for a specific product, and more. With this tons of information, social media marketers can curate content that best fits their audience and offer relevant content at each stage of the buyers funnel.

5- Text Analyzation

On a platform like Twitter, there’s a huge amount of text data. Twitter is always trying to do its best delivering good content to its users and staying away from news that are not facts. 

Twitter has used AI regarding this part to recognize and detect the non-facts tweets and labeling them as not facts as what happened when some people tried to share misleading information about COVID-19.


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