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The World of Chatbots Has Come

Have you ever tried to chat with a machine? Well, that might be a joke for you, but the truth is there’s 1.4 billion users doing that.

According to Acquire, there’re 1.4 billion users use chatbots on a regular basis. Let’s dip deeper to know what chatbots are.

What is the chatbot?

Chatbot is a software application using Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) in order to simulate a conversation or chat with a user using any messaging platform. When a user chats with a chatbot, the chatbot can do the messaging with this user without any other human interaction.

How are charbots implemented?

Chatbots are designed mainly for the purpose of messaging. The messaging process includes two main tasks:

1- The user request analysis

In this step, the chatbot is trying to analyze the user’s message in order to identify his/ her intent. The chatbot is trying to identify words using NLP and know the context, meaning, and the structure of the sentence.

This is an important step so that the chatbot can provide the correct answer to the user. 

2- Returning the response

After the extraction process, we use the extracted information to provide the user with the most appropriate response. The response may be generic, data retrieved from the knowledge base, or even a disambiguating question that helps the chatbot understand the user intent correctly.

Types of chatbots

In the chatbots world, there are two types of them. The rule-based and the NLP chatbots.

– Rule-based bots:

The communication is done through a pre-set of rules without any Artificial Intelligence. The user input must follow those rules. For example, when you try messaging a Facebook page and some buttons appear in order to select one of them.

The conversation here is very limited as the chatbot can’t understand any personalized message and you should wait until the admin responds to you.

-NLP bots:

In this type of bots, they’re trying to understand the user’s typed message using Natural Language Processing and AI. For example, there’s a plenty of applications that use this type like Semsemi.

Benefits of chatbots for businesses

From a business perspective, chatbots are great opportunities to enhance the customer experience. They can work on their own reducing a lot of cost for the customer service process.

Example of a successful chatbot

There’re plenty of examples of successful chatbots indeed, but we chose the most recognizable one that you might know in the COVID-19 pandemic.

1- World Health Organization (WHO)

In today’s world, we’re living in such a pandemic that we want to overcome and want trusting information about coronavirus (COVID-19).

WHO built this bot on Whatsapp to share information about the pandemic. It helps people protect themselves and their loved ones through advice and tips.

The future of chatbots…

While businesses are trying to apply chatbots in their industries, the chatbots are trying everyday to return the best response to the user.

With the help of NLP and AI, chatbots can learn and do better time after time. But there’s one question that we should ask..

Will chatbots with their capabilities replace humans one day in the future?


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