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In the daily life of digital marketers, they are using different services in order to complete their tasks. They use Google Drive in order to store their files, Google Analytics to track website, servers to run websites on, online tools for keyword research, and more.

Each one of these is a service provided to us in order to help us in our work and make it easier. But did you know that each one of these is a simple form of cloud computing?

What’s cloud computing?

Well, the cloud computing is the delivery of any computing services over the internet including softwares, servers, storage, database, analytics, and networking. 

The reason for calling it “Cloud” computing is because the information we access is found remotely on a cloud or a virtual place. That helps the user to access this information anywhere and the user doesn’t have to be located in one place.

A simple example of cloud-based storage is Google Drive. It’s a pure cloud computing service that helps us store our files on a cloud rather than storing them on our computer or hard drives.

Types of cloud computing

There Are different types of clouds, each one of them is suitable for a specific need.

1- Public Clouds

This type of cloud delivers cloud resources like servers and storages over the internet for a fee. For example, Google Drive gives you 15GB of storage for free and if you want more, you can pay for it.

2- Private Clouds

This type of cloud delivers cloud resources, but only to specific people. For example, if you work in a company that gives you access to its cloud services by giving you the permission.

3- Hybrid Clouds

This type combines both public and private clouds. For example, if you are a large company that provides public cloud services for others as well as providing private clouds to its employees.

After knowing the cloud computing types, let’s dig deeper to know more about the cloud services.

Cloud Services

There Are four main categories of cloud services:

1- Software as a Service (SaaS)

In this type the software is delivered over the internet on a subscription basis. The cloud providers are developing, maintaining, managing the infrastructure of the application then provides it to their users. For example, most of the software tools as well as applications on both phones and desktop are underlying in this category.

2- Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

In this category you rent IT infrastructure from cloud service providers. Those IT infrastructure can be servers, virtual machines, storages, etc.

3- Platform as a Service (PaaS)

In this category, the cloud service provides a whole environment for developing, testing, and delivering software applications. This type is targeted to developers who need a complete platform to build their website or application without worrying about the underlying infrastructure.

4- Serverless Computing

It’s like the PaaS, but it focuses only on building the application functionalities without worrying about the servers and infrastructure.

What cloud computing can be used to

1- build cloud-native applications

2- store data

3- streaming

4- testing and building applications

5- analyzing data

Top Cloud Service Providers:

– Microsoft Azure

– Amazon Web Service (AWS)

– Google Cloud

– IBM Cloud

– Oracle

– Salesforce


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